Lankaran State University

Lankaran State University, founded in 1991 as a branch of Baku State University, was reformed as an independent state university in 1992. In 29 years about 10000 alumni have graduated from the university. Currently, more than 4500 bachelors, masters and doctoral students study, about 400 professor-teaching and administrative staff work at university. International and Republican scientific conferences are regularly being held in university. Students and teachers take an active part in Republican and International knowledge competitions and sports events; also they are an initiator and active participant of a number of socio-political and cultural events. LSU is a member of Associations of the State Universities of Caspian Region Countries, the Euroasian Universities, Azerbaijan-Russia Higher Educational Institutions and Caucasus University, the university has developed educational and scientific relations with more than 50 foreign universities and signed bilateral agreements. Lankaran State University is the participant of international grant projects, such as ERASMUS +, Mevlana, HORIZON 2020 and others. Within the framework of these projects, the university has conducted student and teacher exchange programs with many foreign universities, was registered in “QS Rankings” and works on double diploma projects with both foreign and republican universities.

Currently, education and research activities are carried out in 5 faculties and 13 departments:


• Faculty of Natural Sciences

• Faculty of Philology and Primary Education

• Faculty of History, Geography and Art

• Faculty of Economics and Management

• Faculty of Agriculture and Engineering


- Mathematics and Informatics

- Chemistry and Physics

- Biology and medical knowledge

- Geography and Ecology

- History and methods of its teaching

- Azerbaijani language and literature and methods of their teaching

- Foreign languages

- Primary Education and Pre-School Teaching

- Humanitarian Subjects

- Management of finance and audit

- Economics and innovative managment

- Technology and technical subjects

- Veterinary and agricultural subjects

International Cooperation Department

Trends of Activities:

Bilateral cooperation with foreign universities

Students and Academic staffExchange Programmes

Participation in International Educational Programs

Recruitments of International Students

Cooperation with International Organizations and work on projects

Date of creation:

International Cooperation Department, re-formed since 2015 as part of the Department of Science and International Cooperation, and from January 1, 2018, functions independently.

International relations of Lankaran State University (LSU) cover directions of bilateral cooperation with foreign universities, students and academic staffexchange programmes, participation in international educational programs,recruitments of international students to the university, cooperation with relevant International Organizations and others.

LSU takes into account the cooperation with foreign universities, the implementation of the exchange of students and academic staff, the realisation of joint Summer Schools and Double Diploma programs, the organization of joint scientific conferences and workshops and the conducting of mutually beneficial experience.

LSU is a member of Associations of the State Universities of Caspian Region Countries, the Euroasian Universities, Azerbaijan-Russia Higher Educational Institutions and Caucasus University. In addition to these associations, LSU is developing its scientific and educational relations with more than 50 universities and academic institutes worldwide, and has signed relevant bilateral agreements.

Currently, Lankaran State Universityimplements projects and collaborates with international organizations,functioning in our country with such as British Council (The United Kingdom), DAAD (Germany), CAMPUS (France), ERASMUS +, Mevlana (Turkey) and others.

Within the framework of these projects, relations were established with several universities of France, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Hungary and other countries, academic staff and students took part in the trainings of the suitable universities.

Currently, LSU students are widely use of the opportunities, to get education at partner universities for one or two semesters.

The ongoing exchange of academic staff is of great importance in terms of improving the educational process at the university, and to take advantage of the positive experience of leading foreign universities forprofessor teaching staff.

At the same time, Lankaran State University, has signed bilateral cooperation agreements with several local higher education institutions and research institutes.

Agreements and protocols on cooperation were signed withKhazar University, Baku Engineering University, Baku Euroasia University, Azerbaijan Theology Institution, Azerbaijan Technological University and others, allowing opportunities for promoting the mobility of teachers, researchers and studentsand under a contract with BSU specialties: “Teaching of Azerbaijani language and literature”, “Teaching of Russian language and literature”, “Teaching of History” and “Ecology”, under an agreement with AUOI specialty “Computer engineering”, according to an agreement concluded with APU “Teaching chemistry and Biology ”and “Primary School Teacher ”and in accordance with the agreement with UNEC the issuance of a double diploma to undergraduate students from the specialties “Economics” and “Business Management ”.

Along with higher education institutions, our university cooperates with the Institute of Genetic Resources, the Institute of Microbiology, Dendrology, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, the Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry, the Folklore Institute, the Lankaran Regional Center and other institutes of ANAS.

Address: 50, General Hazi Aslanov Avenue, Lankaran, AZ4200, Azerbaijan

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