International Cooperation Department

Director of International Cooperation Department - Assoc.,prof. Zaur Ibrahimkhalil Mammadov

Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department - Mirzayeva Ulviyya Alihuseyn

Specialist on international projects - Raida Aliyeva

Specialist on international projects - Akhundzada Rasima

Director of International Cooperation Department

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Assoc.,prof. Zaur Ibrahimkhalil Mammadov

PhD on history

Zaur Mammadov was born in 1982 in Lankaran. He attended the Secondary school №7 in Lankaran in 1988-1999. He recevied his BA on “History and public” from Lankaran State University in 2000-2004. He served in the military in 2004-2005. He received his MA on “History” from Lankaran State University in 2006-2008. In 2008 by the decision of the university administration he enrolled into the doctoral program on the specialty "5503.02”- “National history” and completed his studies in 2012. On 26 September 2015, he defended his thesis on "Cultural Relations of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the Republic of Turkey (2003-2010)" in the Defense Council of the History Faculty at Baku State University and received the Doctor of Philosophy degree in History. He has been the candidate of Doctor of Science program on the speciality “5507.01”- “History of International Relations” since 2018 at Baku State University. At present, he is working in the doctoral thesis called “The Republic of Azerbaijan - UNESCO cooperation (1991-2018)”. In 2015, Z. Mammadov started working as a Sceince Secretary at LSU and as the Director of Science and International Relations Department. Dr. Mammadov currently heads the International Cooperation Office at the University. He participates in the national and international conferences and publishes articles in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia and other countries. His research is mainly based on the issues of international relations’ history of Azerbaijan. The author has published over 40 scientific articles and methodical works. Dr. Mammadov is engaged in pedagogical activity as well and is the senior lecturer of the Department of Humanities at LSU.

Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department:

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Mirzayeva Ulviyya Alihuseyn

Mirzayeva Ulviyya Alihuseyn was born in Baku, april 22,1982.

In 1989-1997 studied I-IX grades at the secondary school number 146 in Baku, graduated the lyceum "Zangi" from the grades "Biochemistry and Genetics" in 1997-1999.

In 1999-2003 graduated the faculty of Philology with a bachelor the specialty "Russian language and literature", in 2005 graduated with high honors master the specialty "Method and methodology of teaching Russian language" of Baku Slavic University.

In 2004-2011, worked as a correspondent, designer and director of department in several editorial offices of Azerbaijan State Publishing House.

In 2011-2013, worked at VIP Aviation Services Company at Heydar Aliyev International Airport.

In 2014-2017, worked as head of association at the center for the Development of Children and Youth.

Since 2018 she has been working as a student-teacher exchange (STE) specialist at International Cooperation Department.

Currently, she is the deputy director of International Cooperation Department. At the same time, she works as a foreign language teacher (Russian language) at the department of Foreign languages of Lankaran State University.

Since 2016, she is a doctoral student at the department "Method of teaching of Russian language" of Baku Slavic University and actively engaged in modern scientific researches. She participates in republican and international conferences and the author of more than 16 abstracts and articles.

Specialist on international projects

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Raida Aliyeva

Raida Aliyeva was born in 1993 in Lankaran. She attended Siyavar village secondary school in 1999-2010. She received her BA on International Relations from Qafqaz University in 2015 and her MA on Internaional Relations and Diplomacy from the University of Ecomics in 2017. Her master thesis was called as “The relations between Azerbaijan and Western European Countries (1991-2015)”. She works in International Cooperation Office at Lankaran State University from 2018.

Specialist on international projects

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Akhundzada Rasima

Akhundzada Rasima was born in 1995 in Lankaran. She studied at the Secondary school №7 in Lankaran in 2001-2010, graduated from Lankaran village secondary school in 2012. She graduated from Azerbaijan University of Languages in the specialty of Translator with honor in 2016. She received her master degree in the specialization of “Teaching, methods and methodology of foreign language" in 2019. She is the author of a number of articles and theses on her specialty. She worked as a "Laboratory Assistant" at the Department of "Finance, Accounting and Auditing" of Lankaran State University from November 1, 2016. From March 6, 2017 she worked as the Clerical Specialist at the Department of Human Resources and Clerical Work. She works as the Specialist on the International Relations at the International Cooperation Department from September 1, 2020.