International Cooperation Department

International Cooperation Department


Entry of foreign citizens and stateless people into Azerbaijan requires visa, except for agreement on visa free travel between the Republic of Azerbaijan and a country of citizenship. Hence, foreigners intending to study in Azerbaijan should obtain Education visa prior to their visit. Visa application can be submitted to the closest diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan Republic. Meanwhile, particular country citizens can obtain visa through E-visa portal which is supported by the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. For more information on visa to Azerbaijan, please visit E-visa portal at: For more information on migration to Azerbaijan, please visit State Migration Service website at:

10 days registration

Within 10 days of their arrival in Azerbaijan, students need to be registered in State Migration Service of Azerbaijan. Registration has to be made with the place where the foreigner plans to stay. Students should hand copy of passport, including entry stamp to the country and visato the Department of International Cooperation and this will be done by the Department. Residence Permit (Migration Card) Foreign students should obtain Education visa valid for 3 (three) months before their arrival. A month before the expiration of your visa you will apply for a residence permit which will enable you to live in the country for a year. The Department of International Cooperation will assist you in receiving the residence permit (“migration card”).

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